How to Choose a Great Company for Remodeling

How to Choose a Great Company for Remodeling

The best renovation contractors offer a wide range of services, and they have multiple locations. This allows them to take on whole-home projects like bathroom remodels, attic conversions, and home repairs for mobility-challenged residents.

The Co-CEOs at Power Home Remodeling met as college soccer teammates, and their team-first mentality has paid off. They rank on Glassdoor’s Top Places to Work list and send employees on a paid trip to Mexico each year.


Honesty & Up-Front Pricing

Great company for remodeling that has transparent pricing and provided upfront quotes for their work received high marks. They also explained how they came up with their figures. This is important because customers may not fully understand all that goes into the final cost of their service. It can be difficult to determine whether a contractor has hidden fees or charges that aren’t disclosed, so it’s best to go with one who is honest and up-front about their pricing.

Efficient team organization is essential to a successful remodeling company. Typically, an owner will start the business by doing everything himself or herself, then gradually add field staff and office employees. When the company grows, however, it becomes necessary to define, control and monitor the culture of the company. Workiz, a remodeling software program, is a great way to manage and automate workflow processes, including client data, work orders, technician time, scheduling, dispatch, and more. It’s an excellent choice for remodeling businesses of any size.

Professional & Experienced Technicians

Reputable remodelers invest in the training and support of their technicians, ensuring that your job is completed according to plan. They also provide a safe work environment and comply with all building codes and regulations.

When choosing a home renovation company, ask friends and family about their experiences. Look for companies that have been in business for at least one year and carry the proper insurance. They should be members of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), a group committed to high standards, integrity, and professional education.

Full-service remodeling businesses typically have a dedicated crew that handles a large number of jobs, so they can commit to a timeframe and stick with it. This allows them to finish the project quickly and avoid costly delays caused by juggling multiple projects at once, something that general contractors struggle with. The best home renovation companies are able to deliver results on time and on budget. rankings.