Dragon Age Inquisition – Online Gaming

The experience i felt from this game was simply ” Tremendous ” ! Bioware managed to create a HUGE game which could look like skyrim at first, but when you dig deeper… it’s even more rich with more unique situations ! I have played to all the episodes of Dragon Age, and before Inquisition the best was of course the first one ! But this time they managed to keep the best of every episodes ! The epic adventure of DA, the feeling of power from DA origins and the “Action Part” of Dragon Age 2.


I just have two negative things to say about DA Inquisition

First… it’s that i spent at least 20 hours before enjoying this game ! Because Inquisition is so HUGE that at the very beginning you’re lost ! The Tactic Battle seems awful at first and then slowly begins to become very intuitive… to the point i was using it every time ! But before reaching 20 hours playing was ” A Pain in the Ass ” !

Second… The power system ! While i find that a very interesting way to spend it to unlock new missions, or to build new structures to access some remote parts of the world… as i explored more than 95% of the game content, i had gathered around ” 300+ ” Power points that i never been able to spend anywhere !!!

You see i was thinking i would be able to use these spare points, maybe by the end of the game to increase the power of my armies in a final HUGE Battle ? But NO ! to my deepest sadness there was no such battle and all these points simply stayed in the pool ! Shame on you Bioware for this HUGE Final battle we never had… Such a game can only finish like the end of “Hobbit – the five armies” with thousands of people on the battlefield !

Badfully… Bioware didn’t made it this far…

Apart from that… I’ve spent as much as 190 hours on It !

And i think i have never seen a RPG so rich ! so full of content ! No really… it’s incredible how much they threw in DA Inquisition. It took a very long time before i managed to exhaust all the dialogs of every characters ! I mean in DA every person have a strong background you have to dig to unveil all the secrets ! And in DA Inquisition you can literally spend 2 hours between missions to speak to your friends by clicking here