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Home Inspectors | Gortney Charlotte NC makes sure your home is in good shape. They are experts when it comes to identifying problems and spotting potential problems before they become worse. Their main concern is to provide a safe dwelling for you and your family. They come in and do a thorough inspection of every nook and cranny within your house. Home inspectors are qualified and trained to spot problems before they get out of hand and cause major damage.

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Some home inspectors may also suggest ideas or make recommendations about how to maintain the home. This can include adding safety measures like fire alarms and closing off unsafe electrical outlets. Other recommendations might be things such as changing the filters on the water heater or checking the air filters for adequate levels of clean air. When they examine the roof, they are looking for signs of rot, leaky ceilings or other structural problems, and they may suggest adding flashing to avoid too much damage from weatherization.

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If you are thinking of selling your home, then home inspectors are the best qualified people to advise you of the basic things that need to be fixed. Some common things they will point out are how well the foundation is holding up, whether the plumbing and electrical systems are in good working order, and even the overall appearance of the home. A home inspection is just as important for buyers as it is for home sellers. Buyers want to know that the home they will be living in has been inspected by a professional. The better the condition of the home the more money the buyer is going to make when they buy the home.


Home inspectors in Charlotte are not just there to tell you what needs to be fixed; they are also there to prevent problems from becoming bigger ones. There is nothing worse than buying a home only to discover that the foundation has begun to cave in. Home inspectors in Charlotte are professionals and fully equipped to pinpoint the problems and suggest solutions to keep your home in good condition.

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Home inspectors in Charlotte offer a variety of services including inspections, repairs, renovations and even do house painting. This ensures that your home is bright and attractive while remaining secure. Having a home inspector is crucial to the safety of your family. They are trained to spot any damage, pest infestations and any other problem so that your home remains safe and clean.


When choosing home inspectors in Charlotte, you have to take into account their experience, their certification and the results they have given to other homebuyers. If an inspection comes back with only a few negatives then this shouldn’t discourage you from hiring them to do the job. Most reputable home inspectors in Charlotte will have hundreds of happy clients who will vouch for their work. Their customers tell them about how satisfied they are with the home inspection report and with the final price they paid. This means that the home inspectors Charlotte have chosen will have done a great job on previous homes.