Slumber Parties For Your Children

Kids Birthday Slumber Parties Ideas

When it is time to book your child’s birthday party and they ask you to arrange a slumber party think teepees! This style of a slumber party is all the rage both in Australia and the USA. Children love having sleepovers so why wouldn’t they want a slumber party on their birthday. The range of types of birthday parties you can host for your children is massive. Slumber teepee birthday party can, however, when it comes to themes for a slumber party their is not much around. This is where teepees are perfect. They fit easily inside your house and are basically tiny tents that a child can fit inside without any ropes fuse or hassle.

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How Much Do Teepee Slumber Birthday Parties Cost?

Most people think a teepee party will be super expensive. This is not true you can host a party from $300-$500 per night. It is a hassle-free occasion with nearly all companies providing the set up within their quoted price. Some teepee businesses will include cake, party bags and much more for the $300-$500.

You can usually have a chose of up to 30 different themes pending on whether your child is a boy or girl. When hiring a teepee for a slumber party you need to make sure that the supplier regularly cleans the tipi. Ideally, you want them cleaned after every party. Imagine your teepee turning up only to discover a mess left by the previous party all over the tent. This is where using a trusted supplier pays dividends.

What Slumber Party Themes Are In?

When it comes to slumber parties for kids it is hard to go past Batman for boys and Barbies for girls. Every girl loves Barbie and every boy loves Batman. Once your theme has been chosen the rest of the party is relatively easy to plan.

There is also a lot of spiderman request, Dora, LOL, and leggo. If your child wants a slumber party theme that is somewhat unusual shop around. Many teepee providers will do a custom-tailored birthday sleepover that can be adjusted to any theme you so request.