Video Conferencing On The Internet


Internet Video Conferencing

High-quality Internet video conferencing at offers an internet based software product that allows users who log on the ability to partake in video conferences. After some form of software and its accessories are installed and the hardware components are set up, users have the ability to engage in face-to-face meetings with family/friends/business associates across the globe through the Internet. The quality of the transmission/reception depends entirely upon the amount of bandwidth and the quality of the software employed.

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If you have a great deal of bandwidth and superior software complete with top-of-the-line codecs, your compression/decompression rates will be higher and so too will the level of quality. The lower end software products can end up costing as little as $400 (including hardware costs) whereas the upper echelon products for business use tend to cost more in the vicinity of $4,000. (You will notice the $3,600 difference when comparing the 2 products) IP video equipment has to meet the H.323 Internet video standards, which ensures that the products are not faulty and will effectively communicate with other models.

Conferencing is defined as “the joining together of more than two telephone users in a single call. Typically a call will be established between two persons, one will then hold the call, call a third party and then press a button to join all three parties in one call.” *

This is what is commonly referred to as a conference call. It has many applications, probably none more prevalent than in the business forum. Being able to have a meeting with multiple parties located in different parts of the world without having to physically meet is an attractive ability.

Recent advancements in technology have allowed for evolution in conferencing. Whereas it was once held solely to teleconferencing, it has evolved into the now popular video conferencing, through which parties cannot only talk with multiple parties but can also engage them face-to-face. This evolution is important for a number of reasons.

What are some of the benefits associated with video conferencing?

  • Less travel. Saving money on your business travel costs
  • Quality education spread across the globe
  • More efficient, easier collaborative working